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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions


So, I've found a house I think I may be interested in and want to get inside to see it?

Our properties allow self guided viewing without an appointment using Rently lockboxes. Please contact our office for more information or watch this short informational video.  If there is currently a tenant in the home, we will coordinate a walk-through showing around your schedule and theirs.


What are your qualification requirements?

We require that you provide proof of income that shows your total household income to be at least three (3) times the monthly rent. Additionally, we need to screen your credit, criminal, and rental history. All of the information needed to do so is gathered on our application. Having less than favorable results reported to us does not prevent you from being able to rent from us, but may very well require a higher deposit. We make every effort to try to get you qualified.


What if I don't meet the income requirements, but I know that I can budget to comfortably cover my monthly rent?

You may be given the opportunity to pay the difference between what you qualify for and the actual rent up front. For example: your income is $3000 each month, but the house you wish to rent is $1050 per month. The requirement is that you show proof of income totaling $3150 per month. We can (in most cases) allow you to pay, at or before the lease is signed, the $150 difference each month in one lump sum. $150 x 12 months = $1800.


What do you accept as proof of income?

Pay-check stubs can be used for proof of income and we must have at least 4 consecutive stubs, with the most current being no older than 30 days. We can also accept 90-days’ worth of bank statements, benefits letters from the local, state, and federal government.


Years ago, I defaulted on a balance with a utility company, but that's the only bad item on my credit report. Can I still rent the house?

Yes, you can. Because utility providers will not allow you to establish service with an unpaid balance remaining unpaid, it will be necessary for you clear that debt before we can offer you the home.


I filed for bankruptcy a few years ago, but it still shows on my credit. Will this prevent me from getting qualified?

No. While your credit is a very important factor in determining if you can qualify, your criminal background, previous rental history, income, etc, are all equally important, and any one of them alone reporting negatively against you will not disqualify you from renting.


I am searching for a home right now because I'm getting evicted from where I currently live. Will this be something you can work with me on?

No. Any evictions reporting against you in the last 3 years will prevent us from being able to rent to you.


I moved from an apartment 5 years ago and they claim I owe them money, but I'm disputing that item on my credit report. What is your policy on that?

This will require some additional research on our part and may require a higher deposit from you, but we make every effort possible to qualify you.


I want this house! What will it cost me to get in?

Once you've selected your new home, you will need to apply.  The fee for application is $40 per adult. Simultaneously, we need from you the deposit to commit this property to you. (Should you not be approved all deposit funds will be refunded within 72 hours.) Prior to moving in, we require the first month's rent to be paid, and if your move-in date is within 7 days of the first of the month, we will also need the pro-rated second month to be paid up front.


I'm moving in at the middle of the month. Why must I pay a full-month's rent when I've been told I'm due again on the 1st?

All rents are due on the 1st day of the month. We pro-rate your second month, so when that next 'due day' rolls around, you will only pay the pro-rated amount.


How soon can I move in?

This will depend on the house. If it has just become vacant, we may need to clean it for you prior to you taking possession. If it is rent-ready and you have provided all of your information, you are welcome to move in today!


My current lease expires in two months, how long can you hold this house for me once I bring the deposit to you?

We are glad to commit the house to you upon receiving your deposit, however, rents must begin being paid no later than 3 weeks later. While it doesn't matter when you begin moving your property into the house, we have a responsibility to the investors to not leave a house vacant and not collecting rent on it for more than this time frame.


How much is the deposit?

Generally speaking, the deposit will be equal to one month's rent. Should there be questions on your background check, the deposit may be higher. Your leasing agent can provide this information to you once your application has been submitted and reviewed.


What is your policy on pets?

All pets must be approved prior to agreeing to lease the house to you. Breed and weight are determining factors, so be sure to have this information handy when calling. The general fee for pets is $300 per pet in additional security deposit. In some cases, you may be required to provide proof that your animal is up-to-date on shots.

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