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Maintenance Request

Are you having a problem with your home? Please submit your issue via your Tenant Web Portal with as much detail as possible. The better you describe your problem(s), the better we will be able to fix it.

All non-emergencies are addressed during Normal Business hours.  In most cases, a technician or contractor will contact you directly to schedule the work to be completed.  

Normal Business Hours: 9a.m. – 5p.m. Monday – Friday

There are 3 categories for your maintenance issues:

  • Normal = expect issue to be scheduled within 14-21 days

    • Examples include minor repairs, minor plumbing issues, appliance repair, etc.​

  • Urgent = expect issue to be scheduled within 3-10 days

    • Examples include HVAC issues, major plumbing issues, water heater problems, etc.​

  • Emergency = expect issue to be scheduled within 1 days

    • Examples include busted water supply lines, house fires, gas leaks, tree falls on house, etc.

If you have an emergency, in addition to submitting a maintenance request, please call 678-744-6375 and leave a message describing your emergency. If you have a water leak, please shut off the water on the exterior of the home to stop the flow of water. If you smell gas, please contact your gas company to have your gas shutoff.


An emergency is defined as anything relating to the property that is threatening to life or health or damage to the condition of the property.


For Police or Fire emergencies, please dial 911 immediately!


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